All information required to connect to IP Telco Fibre-Wave:

What will be installed?

Your Fibre-Wave installation consists of two main components: a) the subscriber module (SM), and b) the network termination device (NTD).

The SM is a roof mounted radio that connects back to our nearest point of presence (PoP).

The NTD is the device that both powers the SM, and hands off the internet service to your router.

What kind of router do I need?

Any ethernet router that is capable of IPoE (Internet Protocol over Ethernet). This is most commonly referred to as "DHCP" on most consumer grade modems. Our service is handed off to you over Ethernet (RJ45 CAT5/6 cable) and any router that has an Ethernet WAN port will support this.

Where do I plug into?

With some very rare exceptions, Fibre-Wave internet services are handed off to you on Port 1 (ether1) of our NTD. Simply connect an Ethernet cable from Port 1 to the WAN port on your router.

IP Address

All Fibre-Wave internet services include a static public IP address. This is delivered to you via DHCP. This address is bound to your service and will remain with you for the life of your service (unless you request us to change it).

IPv6 Address

Coming soon.